What A Mesh by Diana We Love to Customize Wreaths!!!!!
  • Beach Wreath Starfish Treasures Of The Sea Handmade Deco Mesh


    Beautiful, handmade, deco mesh, beach or seashore wreath. A large, seashell decorated starfish, rests on sand and white colored deco mesh. The deco mesh has soft white cotton which is used to resemble sea foam. The starfish is covered with colorful sea shells and is outlined in two rows of nautical rope. Large pearls are added along with a large starfish highlighting the center. It truly reminds one of the treasures of the sea! Beautiful seashell, premium ribbons surround the center of the wreath. Sand colored, white dotted ribbons are all along the exterior. Pale blue mesh flutes are placed all around the wreath, giving the effect of sea surf. It is very unique. The size is a very full 24 inch diameter and 7 inches deep