What A Mesh by Diana We Love to Customize Wreaths!!!!!
  • Red Cardinal Peace Holiday Wreath


    New! Full! Premium Handmade Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath with the famous quote from Shakespeare's MacBeth. The outer ring is made of shimmering, metallic black and orange striped mesh with gorgeous, glitter orange, purple, green and black mesh curls and metallic black mesh bows.  The center ring is made of black metallic deco mesh with purple, orange  and green glitter dots on black sheer ribbons. Lime green ribbons with black flocked bats also surround the inner wreath. Highlighted in the center of the wreath is an adorable, hand painted sign which says "Double Double Toil and Trouble" with three witches, stirring a cauldron.  It is decorated with bats, witch's brooms and hat along with stars.  The sign has a clear glitter finish. Simply Adorable!  Size is 24 inch diameter and 6 inches deep. Please see photo for size comparison.