What A Mesh by Diana We Love to Customize Wreaths!!!!!
  • Mardi Gras Wreath Venetian Jesters Mask Handmade Deco Mesh


    Gorgeous! New, Full, Premium Mardi Gras Handmade Deco Mesh Wreath.  A beautiful, Mardi Gras Jesters mask rests on a bed of shimmering metallic gold deco mesh.  Mask is lined in purple and green velvet with pompoms, pearls , bells and gold trimmings. A large green gem rests in the center. The inner ring has metallic green, purple and gold glitter chevron ribbons and metallic mesh ribbons in green, gold and purple stripes.  The outer ring is made of metallic gold with purple and green striped deco mesh. Gold and purple flex ribbons add fullness to the outer ring along with purple mesh bows. And green mesh flutes.  Mardi Gras balls, attached to gold chenille sticks are placed all around the wreath.